University Community

A social network that actually lets you make things better, together, by starting projects.

Coming soon.

People and communities need better self-organizing tools. This is true within
public institutions, private institutions, etc. The answer to problems isn't 
'more managment' but more workplace democracy and community collaboration.
This is community self-management. It's not something new: it's basically 
what happens when a group of people can work face-to-face to adress immediate
problems. We need to extend that to replace bureaucratically structured workplaces.

Many tools could be used to help this. But it would be nice to have a tool
that reminds people of the principles here:

people first
high-ahievement community 
no wage slavery
no top-down management
no reports
yes transparency
yes flexibility

what is the thing you want to self-manage, as an individual or community, 
which you will measure collaboratively, and what other aspects or things 
is it associated with? (give example and say that more simply)

or, what would you like to achieve, so you can then see how much time you and others put into it, and how far you think you got,
(end-to-end unfolding. quick easy first) INCUBATION

Some goals:

An urbanology project.